Gabriel de la Mora’s practice (Mexico City, 1968) explores the transformation of matter. In his series, the artist revisits strategies present in art history such as the ready-made, the object trouvé, or appropriation, where he uses meticulous methodologies through the collection, classification, cataloging, and manipulation of various everyday materials, many of them considered waste.

Originallyfake it is a series that Gabriel de la Mora has developed for almost a decade, where he acquires and intervenes forgeries of numerous artists, mostly Mexicans. The false pieces are transformed by means of mechanical and chemical processes into a new object, at the same time that they obtain new authorship. In this interview, Pamela Desjardins talks with Gabriel de la Mora about the beginnings of Originallyfake, the piece MG / GM, 2018 in the Tamayo Collection, and his recent exhibition at MUNAL, dedicated to this same series.