Following a meticulous process, Gabriel de la Mora researches, collects, classifies, catalogues, and manipulates remarkably diverse materials.  These materials are familiar, taken from quotidien objects – his ongoing series The weight of thought for example, repurposes leather and rubber shoe soles. de la Mora’s materials of choice are those often considered waste or residue: collected artifacts and antiques, obsolete mechanical and utilitarian objects, parts, corporeal matter, architectural scrap. Through these, De la Mora explores finitude and permanence, the passing of time, its bracketing, and the transformation of matter and energy alike.

The formal outcome of this process plays with pre-established notions of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Characterized by their visual potency, the works complicate theoretical and historical art terms (the ready-made, the objet-trouvé, the monochrome, the peinture en plein air). They tackle ironically the abstract and minimalist aesthetic, and inquire on the ever-changing notion of painting as a phenomenon. Can painting originate itself with the passing of time and without any intervention from the artists hand? This apparent negation of painting and other ontological musings formulated by de la Moras body of work are extended to artistic practice at large: When is an artwork born and when does it reach its conclusion? What is the role of the artist within the creative act? Coupled with equally methodical and strict processes, Gabriel de la Mora has constituted a practice in which the role of the artist is not to create nor to destroy, but to transform.

Gabriel de la Mora was born in Mexico City in 1968, where he still lives and works. He earned an MFA from Pratt Institute, NY and a BFA in Architecture from Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, Mexico City. His work has been exhibited at solo and group shows in museums and galleries in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom, amongst others. He is represented by Timothy Taylor (London), Sicardi Gallery (Houston), and Proyectos Monclova (Mexico City).


Gabriel de la Mora @ Arco Stand 7A05 / Timothy Taylor / 27 February – 3 March 2019 / Madrid, Spain.


Art Fair
ARCO Madrid
Stand 7A05 / Timothy Taylor
27 February – 3 March 2019

Gabriel de la Mora
Alex Katz
Jonathan Lasker
Eddie Martinez
Antoni Tàpies
Eduardo Terrazas

Gabriel de la Mora @ Proyectos Monclova / Armory show booth 916


Piers 92 & 94
711 12th Avenue
New York City

March 7 – 10, 2019
Booth 916

Martín Soto Climent
Gabriel de la Mora
Eduardo Terrazas
Robert C. Morgan
Helen Escobedo.



MARCH 02 – APRIL 13, 2019



ZONA MACO. Sección principal / Mexico City / Mexico / 06.02.2019 – 10.02.2019 / Booth E209


ZONA MACO. Sección principal / Mexico City / Mexico
06.02.2019 – 10.02.2019
Booth E209
Gabriel de la Mora, Eduardo Terrazas, Helen Escobedo, Julius Heinemann, Edgar Orlaineta, Michael Sailstorfer, Martín Soto Climent, Tercerunquinto, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Carlos Aguirre, Yoshua Okón, Adrien MIssika, SANGREE

Gabriel de la Mora @ PERROTIN Booth D24 / Art Basel Miami Beach, 6 – 9 diciembre 2018.


PERROTIN Booth D24 @ Art Basel Miami Beach, 6 – 9 diciembre / december, 2018.

Hans Hartung, Takashi Murakami, Gabriel de la Mora, Paola Pivi, Hernan Bas, Sophie Calle, Lee Bae, Park Seo-Bo, Gregor Hildebrandt, Bernard Frize, Laurent Grasso, Claire Tabouret, entre otros / among others.

Gabriel de la Mora @ PROYECTOSMONCLOVA booth G26 / Art Basel Miami Beach / 6 – 9 diciembre 2018.

PROYECTOSMONCLOVA booth G26 @ Main Section, Art Basel Miami Beach

Gabriel de la Mora, Julius Heinemann, Martin Soto Climent, Michael Sailstorfer, Eduardo Terrazas, Edgar Orlaineta y Tercerunquinto.

6 – 9 diciembre / december, 2018.

Gabriel de la Mora @ Timothy Taylor West Bund Art And Design | Stand A128 | 7 – 11 November Art Fair


Timothy Taylor
Art Fair
West Bund Art & Design
Stand A128
Shanghai, China
7 – 11 November 2018

Gabriel de la Mora
Armen Eloyan
Alex Katz
Eddie Martinez
Kiki Smith
Antoni Tàpies
Eduardo Terrazas

Gabriel de la Mora @ Perrotin / The Bridge 2018 / September 14 – 16, 2018 / Bridgehampton, New York.


Gabriel de la Mora @ Perrotin / The Bridge 2018 / September 14 – 16, 2018 / Bridgehampton, New York.

Gabriel de la Mora @ ARTSY.NET – 22 Artists on the Materials That Inspire and Drive Their Work

In his sculptural works and installations, Gabriel de la Mora often incorporates discarded objects that have outlived their original purposes, from eggshells to microscope slides. “The end of something is, to me, the starting point for something else,” he explained. In 2013, he began using old shoe soles for a series of sculptures and assemblages entitled “The Weight of Thought.”

For years, de la Mora has had an assistant collect rubber and leather shoe soles from downtown Mexico City (some are found, some are bought). Once they arrive at his studio, the soles are classified and organized into pairs, based on the holes they have and which foot they belong to. The artist mines the objects for their universality and the personal hints they retain from their former owners. Ultimately, he cuts them down and combines them to create conceptual sculptures and assemblages.

A New Way of Walking


A New Way of Walking, 7 June – 28 July 2018, London
For the summer season, Timothy Taylor is pleased to announce the group exhibition A New Way of Walking, which brings together an eclectic mix of artists and works all united by an interest in the impact of the surrounding environment on the individual. In the 1950’s, the theorist Guy Debord defined the term psychogeography to represent enquiries into the impact of geographical location upon the emotions and behaviour of conscious beings.
There is an element of chance, discovery and adventure involved in Debord’s structure for psychogeography – the notion that even the most familiar of places still withhold surprises, the uncovering of which offers a greater understanding of personal ontologies.
Exhibited artists include:
Vija Celmins, George Condo, Jean Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Gabriel de la Mora, Volker Huller, Eddie Martinez, Kazuo Shiraga.